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Sab Ka Mangal Ho Foundation 

Mumbai, India

Sab Ka Mangal Ho began as a corporate social responsibility initiative of an Indian conglomerate based in Mumbai. Its mission is ambitious: to make the world a happier place by serving communities at all levels of wellbeingphysical, emotional, and spiritual. It achieves this through a vast array of programs for underprivileged citizens that range from free eye care clinics to environmental cleanup efforts, pairing with local NGOs, corporations, and philanthropic individuals to roll out large-scale campaigns. 

The cornerstone of Sab Ka Mangal Ho's award-winning initiatives is its orphanage yoga project, which now operates several dozen pilot sites across India. Classes give some of the world's most vulnerable children access to the life-changing benefits of yoga, which the founder's family experienced personally as devoted students of B.K.S. Iyengar. The longterm goal of the project is to empower as many children as possiblein India and throughout the worldand to provide vocational skills for teens to eventually become yoga teachers. 


I advised the foundation on its messaging, particularly as it applies to an international audience. In addition to content strategy recommendations, I also shared my knowledge of the US yoga market to inform ideas on expansions and partnerships.    

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