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Remember This

REMEMBER THIS. Those are the only two words left in my journal after a page of scratched-out attempts to do justice to Victoria Falls within the limits of the English language. How do you explain the roar of a million stampeding horses coursing through your ears, your chest, and even in the rhythm of your pulse? READ MORE


After four or five circumnavigations, I lose count. I am part of a whirlpool in a stream of humanity circling the watchful eyes above. It is a flow without beginning or end. You can enter or exit at any point, but eventually the current pulls you back in. READ MORE

The Shortcomings of Words

There are three different clicks in the Xhosa language, on the C, the X and the Q. To say a word with one of these letters, the tongue must simultaneously flick the back of the teeth, ricochet off the side of the cheek, or strike the upper palate with the hollow resonance of a mallet on a wooden block. Tsk! Click! Pop! READ MORE

for too long

for too long the explorer in me / lived in the creased pages / of leather-bound journals carried / across roads that lead to the horizon. READ MORE

Midwives of the Sea

If a jaguar crept out of the woods, we wouldn’t stand a chance. There are eight of us — writers and videographers on a trip to document sea turtle conservation efforts in Tortuguero, Costa Rica — but the size of our tribe can’t make up for the fact that on a deserted beach at midnight, without the glow of our mobile devices, we are totally and completely blind. READ MORE

All Tides Lead Home

There are no roads to Tortuguero. From La Pavona, a docking depot on the outskirts of a dense banana plantation, the River Suerte cuts through blankets of swampy undergrowth clinging to the banks of the rainforest. If the river is low, it may take a shallow-bottom boat two hours to navigate these canals, part of the national park that links Tortuguero to the mainland. READ MORE

A Year Without Borders

My journey ended in Nairobi, Kenya, after 5,000 miles of dusty, potholed roads traveled alone on public buses and matatus, sharing everything from backseat language lessons to baobab fruit with people who taught me what the term “change ambassador” really means. READ MORE

Meet the Teacher: Noah Levine

Noah Levine knows suffering. He is the son of Stephen Levine, one of America’s most influential Buddhist teachers, but his own path, fueled by personal angst and disillusion with American mainstream culture, brought him to rock bottom before he awoke. READ MORE

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New York City Guide

TRUFFLE Travel launched in 2013 as a a website and iOS app for women looking for authentic, "insider" experiences in New York, L.A., Paris and London. As New York Correspondent, I set content and curated a guide to the city's best shops, restaurants, nightlife and cultural destinations.  READ MORE

Barcelona: A Highlights Tour of This (Not-) Spanish City

The first stroll around town after a transcontinental flight is always disorientating, but in Barcelona, a bleary-eyed traveler might check her passport to make sure she’s in the right place. This is Spain, right? Technically speaking, yes. But ask any Barcelona native and you’ll get a different answer. READ MORE

The Magical, Medieval Town of Girona

A shadowy Old Town lies over the River Onyar, where cobblestoned paths twist and turn through hushed corridors and a sunwashed palette of ochre and umber always seems to be reflecting late-afternoon sun. Gothic fantasies are born in Girona, Spain. READ MORE


A soon-to-be launched website compiles meditation techniques from around the world, across all faiths and disciplines, into a central resource for the spiritual seeker. I wrote 60 research-based articles, totaling more than 100,000 words, on topics ranging from Kabbalah to Japa. READ MORE

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a process of making friends with the mind. It is a way to discover that we are, in fact, not our mind. There is a quiet, still observer at the core of our being – our spirit, our true Self – that lies beneath the endless chatter. Meditation reveals it. READ MORE

Luxury Link content overhaul

Amankora in Thimpu, Bhutan — a sample product write-up from a content overhaul project for one of the web's leading luxury travel booking providers. READ MORE