Howzit! I'm Melissa.

I'm a writer, photographer and consultant living in New York City, and I'm obsessed with maps.


They represent possibilities and wormholes into other realities. Expanded thinking and deeper meaning. 

Every time I step out of the haze of everyday life, I see how the world is more connected than it is divided. Traveling isn’t so much a journey to see what’s out there as it is a journey within  a chance to leave behind an identity and all of its preconceived ideas to actually experience, from the heart, the humans, creatures and psyche of another place.

Travel has the power to transform: both the person leaving home and the destination that gains, however temporarily, a new resident. 

My transformative moment came in 2010 when I won a grant to volunteer in South Africa. I booked a one-way ticket, learned to trust strangers and synchronicities, and evolved my journalism background into a means for social good.     

I tell stories, through words and photos, that inspire people to travel meaningfully and live consciously. I help nonprofit organizations, communities and businesses tell their stories with greater impact, build creative relationships, and develop communications strategies that amplify a positive message to a larger audience.

Explorer and filmmaker Céline Cousteau’s philosophy motivates what I do: Focus on the people working toward a solution, not on the problem itself.  

Awareness is growing that personal actions matter, even the seemingly insignificant ones. This is especially true in the multi-trillion-dollar global travel industry, where consumers are choosing to experience the world in a way that preserves cultures, benefits local communities, protects the environment, and is also deeply, radically, memorably personal.  

How can we add momentum to this movement? Let's join forces!